NEW! Formica Patterns collection


The Formica® Patterns Collection features 86 decors and 10 textures of which 44 and 3 are brand new.

Drawing inspiration from world-renowned luxurious natural stones, timeless terrazzo surfaces, metal effects and classic textiles, the new Patterns Collection will enhance the overall look of your interior through design and texture.

The innovative design process combines reclaimed materials, handcrafted artworks and modern techniques.

The collection is divided into 9 design series, each of which tells its own story of redefining patterns through surfaces.

Series include: RAW, Monolith, Abstracts, Engineered, Stones, Textiles, Metal effects, Frosted, Geo-optics.

  • RAW – Reclaimed beauty

The RAW series stands for the harmony of design and sustainable production practices. Each decor creates an authentic look through textures, natural tones and reclaimed and recycled materials.

The terrazzo decor pattern is created from recycled solid color paper, giving the material a new life.

Recycled paper pulp and natural additives, including waste from coffee bean roasting and coffee bean bags, have been used to create Natural and Black Recycled Kraft decors.

To create the Reclaimed Denim Fiber decor, denim fibers mixed with recycled cellulose pulp have been given new life.

The RAW series of reclaimed decor papers use small-batch craft production; therefore, each sheet is unique and natural.

  • Stones – Majestic stones

Inspired by the world’s most beautiful natural stones, the Stones series connects interiors with stunning marble inspirations, transforming an everyday space into a sanctuary of luxury.

The new interpretation, Calacatta Cava, marries a soft white background with ‘barely there’ translucent grey and taupe veins, perfectly reflecting consumers’ evolving preferences forcomfortable and relaxed interiors.

In dramatic contrast, new Nero Marquina decor offers an inverse aesthetic, boasting a rich black background and striking white veins.

The Stones series captures the majestic essence of the natural world, creating a timeless aesthetic with unlimited creative possibilities to elevate any interior.

  • Engineered – Engineered Style & functionality

Offering a sleek and modern look, the Engineered series is inspired by materials used throughout the built environment and embraces the variety of colours and patterns that they offer.

New Chip decors make a feature palette of the collection, delivering a contemporary twist on classic terrazzo. With four diverse and versatile colourations, the Chip decors seamlessly combine with the Formica® Colors Collection, allowing for a truly integrated design experience.

While concrete and plaster are a mainstay in interior design, new Lulworth and Purbeck Flint decors embrace a subtle and sophisticated appearance, compared to what can be a harsh industrial trend. These calm and mottled decors are adaptable to any colour scheme with low-contrast colour options and warm tones reminiscent of plaster effects.

Taking inspiration from engineered stones, new Neo decors present an element of tranquillity and harmony to any space. The gentle clouded pattern and colourways allow for versatility and flexibility, making the palette suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Engineered series offers a contemporary and sophisticated look to interior surfaces through innovative decors, diverse colourations and complementary design possibilities.

  • Monolith – A fusion of colour & texture

Inspired by the geological aesthetics of natural stone, combined with manmade marks, the new Monolith texture delivers an impressive appearance that’s imposing, ageless and endlessly versatile. Presented in a selection of design-led solid colours, the Monolith texture boasts a dramatic surface pattern with its large-scale, distinctive stone-like design.

Depending on the tone and the interior where this decor is used, Monolith reflects the characteristics of stone, concrete and even leather. The perfect fusion of colour and texture accentuates various gloss levels across the surface.

With its commanding presence, the Monolith series can be used to create bold architectural features on walls, columns, or large pieces of furniture.

  • Frosted – Lustrous elegance

The Frosted series consists of  pearlescent high pressure laminates, inspired by the

shimmering beauty of seawater pearls and the delicate sheen of satin materials.

Carefully curated palette ranging from creamy white tones to trend-led burnished colours bring a sense of lustre to an interior space.

  • Metal effects – Industrial chic

The Metal Effects series takes inspiration from metals and materials with metallic finishes, adding an industrial touch to modern-day living.

New Rolled and Blackened Steel decors are based on a sheet of rolled steel, recoloured in cool dyed hues of blues and greys to give a contemporary twist and a more abstract appearance that has the look of metal, wood or even a large-scale linear graphic pattern.

Burnished Coin and Iron decors feature an aesthetic of worn and rusted metal, hints of blue combined with warm metal tones display a seamless combination of past and present.

The Brushed decor palette has expnaed – warmer tones of aged bronze and copper have been added to the collection – creating a dynamic, stylish palette.

  • Textiles – Classic luxury with modern functionality

Textiles and fabrics are used extensively throughout building interiors, typically as soft furnishings to add warmth and tactility. The new Textile series extends the possibilities of where these looks can be used, with enhanced performance and functionality.

The appearance of textile encapsulated to durable high-pressure laminate gives the opportunity to bring the appearance of textiles to areas with heavy use – tables, walls, furniture. Classic luxury is combined with modern functionality.

Turning attention to sophisticated fabrics typically seen in classic fashion garments, woven material inspired designs feature a multidirectional new Flint Plaid decor alongside a variety of neutral fabric tones.

Breaking the boundaries of woven material, these classic and structured textile designs are the perfect choice for environments where fabrics would not normally be practical.

Highly adaptable but visually authentic new Natural Gray Felt decor, the office industry’s ever popular felt material has undergone a revolutionary upgrade. The soft aesthetic of felt can now become a reality on a wider variety of vertical and horizontal applications.

No matter what the environment, the Textile series will turn design ideas into a reality, creating visual drama through material-inspired decors.

  • Abstracts –  Hand crafted elegance

Inspired by the natural world, but 100% Formica® brand original artworks, the Abstract series decors have been exclusively hand-designed.

New Layered Sand and Layered Black Sand decors beautifully capture the truly unique natural elegance of sand through mesmerising artistic patterns.

New decors  Black and White Painted Marble add a special touch to the series. These designs were hand painted by a commissioned artist and embody the art of marbling. The Painted Marble decors give a fluid and abstract appearance reminiscent of natural stones, but also highlight the unique craftsmanship involved in their creation.

Paying tribute to laminate as a paper-based material, new Starched Paperfold decor takes theconcept of beauty in imperfection to new levels. Crushed paper has been carefully unfolded to reveal organic and abstract fold marks.

The Abstract series is sure to captivate the senses and will leave an original and lasting impression to an interior space.

  • Geo-optics – Bold graphic patterns & optical solids

Inspired by intricate patterns and abstract shapes, the Geo-optics series celebrates the Formica® brand heritage for bold graphic pattern.

Designs within the series have been carefully curated, featuring micro-scale patterns that combine retro themes with the modern flair of abstract art.

From a vivid pop of colour to muted tones, the Geo-optic series offers an adaptable palette to bring just the right balance to an interior.

The Geo-optic series is the perfect range to create an eye-catching focal points.

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