Non-combustible Boards FIPRO®

Tuld tõkestav materjal

Used in the shipping sector, in making furniture and fittings for offshore vessels, in high-rise buildings and shopping centres

Non-combustible Boards FIPRO®

Non-combustible Boards FIPRO®
FIPRO® fire protection products meet the demanding requirements of official safety and fire protection regulations in every respect.

You can find out more about the selection on the Fipro homepage.


Non-combustible Boards FIPRO®

FIPRO®, FIPRO® MS, and FIPRO® Light are non-combustible boards

which can be used for making furniture and fittings for ships or offshore vessels or for designing of and installing on high-rises.
The panels are safe and easy to use and suit for any conditions.

The non-combustible Fipro panels are a suitable material for the shipping industry, as well as in the construction of high-rise buildings or shopping centres.

The non-combustibility of the panels is compliant with fire safety rules and requirements.

Further information about the selection is available here

We can use our entire HPL selection for laminating FIPRO® products, thus, you can choose any colour solution of your preference.


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