Acoustic design panels Vaga

Environment-friendly and decorative wall and ceiling panels

Acoustic design panel Vaga

Acoustic design panels Vaga. The main selection includes six panels with special designs: VAGA NIGHTVAGA DAYVAGA BOGVAGA WATERVAGA RIVERVAGA FOREST.

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Acoustic design panels Vaga

It is no longer necessary to choose between beauty, practicality, and nature-friendliness. VAGA acoustic design panels meet all three requirements to offer you everything that is expected from modern interior finishing.

VAGA is an environment-friendly and decorative wall or ceiling panels which is almost 100% made of polyester felt from recycled plastic bottles and decorative strips of plywood or fibreboard (MDF).

The felt has been awarded the GRS 4.0 (Global Recycled Standard) certificate and the Ökö-Tex 100 certificate for fibres which means that it does not contain hazardous substances, heavy metals, or formaldehyde residues. The Finnish Building Information Foundation RTS has also issued the M1 construction material emission class label for the felt.

All panels are made of a B-s1, d0 fire resistance class felt.
In order to achieve fire resistance, components of the following fire resistance classes can be integrated into the panels: MDF B-s2, d0 (black MDF) and B-s1, d0 (brown MDF); B-s1, d0 plywood; D-s2, d0 laminate; veneer can also be coated with a B-s1, d0 fire resistant varnish.

In addition to the decorative characteristics, the wall panels also improve the acoustics of the room, making it easier on the ear.

Existing designs include 6 special panel designs: VAGA NIGHTVAGA DAYVAGA BOGVAGA WATERVAGA RIVERVAGA FOREST.

If none of the standard designs is suitable for your interior design, you can combine your own design and order custom-made panels of the required sizes with lengths up to three metres.



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