Plaat Detail was established in 1996.

We represent the laminates of FORMICA, HOMAPAL, and UNILIN, the exterior façade panels of VIVIX, the solid surfaces of CORIAN, and the edgebanding of DÖLLKEN in the Baltic states. Our product portfolio also includes the entire selection of PFLEIDERER

In addition to selling laminate, we also manufacture laminate products. Our main clients include furniture manufacturers, interior design and construction companies, and hardware stores.

Strongest in Estonia

The three main directions of our activities are the following:

Retail and wholesale of high pressure laminates and selling and processing of the VIVIX exterior façade panels

In 1996, we opened one of the largest laminate and laminate product warehouse in the Nordic countries in Tallinn, with more than 400 different laminate décors, over 500,000 square metres of laminate, in total, immediately available on-site.

The production units of Plaat Detail are equipped with modern technology which are controlled via the newest IT solutions available.

In this factory, laminated products are manufactured in the form of subcontracting: cut-to-size worktops and windowsills, worktops with special edgebanding, shelf elements, wall panels, and other laminated products.

In addition to the first warehouse and manufacturing unit, we also opened one of the largest laminated product factories in the Nordic countries in September 2011 which is specialised on mass production.

The capacity of our 3,500-square metres of production premises is 70,000 square meters of laminated products per month (working in two shifts), with 90% of the production exported abroad.