Antimicrobial laminates – a safer living environment


With regard to the spread of COVID-19, we would like to remind you that the Formica and Pfleiderer high-pressure laminates offered by Plaat Detail are highly resistant to chemicals and extremely resistant to repeated disinfection. Our laminates are suitable for a wide range of applications in various fields.

Unlike veneered or melamine surfaces, laminate is resistant to years of repeated disinfection with disinfectants containing alcohol. In addition to substances with alcohol content, laminate can be cleaned with various other household chemicals, including detergents used in medical institutions.

High-pressure laminate is the best surface material for worktops, shelves and doors. Unlike wood and stone, laminate is not porous, so it is easy to maintain and looks fresh for years. Plaat Detail also provides a wide variety of monochrome laminates as well as highly natural-looking wood patterns, stone imitations and other decors. Browse the laminates HERE and HERE.

The 3D surfaces of the wood patterns in our product selection look practically interchangeable with natural wood and are therefore widely used for various applications: in hotels, cruise ships, offices, kindergartens and schools, hospitals and many other healthcare institutions – places where excellent durability and good cleanability are also sought in addition to elegant appearance. Read more about maintaining laminate HERE.

In addition to regular laminates, we offer chemical-proof laminates with antimicrobial properties for healthcare institutions, the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories. Read more from HERE and HERE.

Our warehouse in Tallinn has more than 500 different laminates immediately available in stock. Furthermore, we can manufacture furniture elements, worktops and shelf elements and execute other custom orders within a tight deadline. You are welcome to contact us by e-mailing to ee.liatedtaalp@taalp or calling +372 600 7666.

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