New Homapal & Formica metallic laminates joint collection


Homapal and Formica have joined their metal laminate collections and their joint collection can now be found Under the name Homapal European Collection 2022-23.

The European collection comprises more than 130 decors that cover a diverse spectrum in terms of their appeal, from classic to modern, from hand designed to industrial chic. In the process of joining the laminates from both brands, there are some new decors as well as updated versions of familiar decors.  

The collection of metal laminates is divided into three categories based on their aesthetic features and effects — Elements, Gestures, Perspectives.


Elements capture the expressiveness of pure metal. Brilliant and full of energy. Cool, yet with the capacity to provide warmth. Characterised by the dynamic interplay of light and reflection. For indoor spaces with outstanding liveability.

Bronze, copper, steel, silver and gold – these primary colours with brushed surfaces represent the four elements: fire, water, air and earth. These basic shades are complemented by five carefully selected surface treatments — Brushed, Crossbrushed, Plain Polished, Mirror Polished and Plex – and by 12 special shades that capture subtle nuances and add vibrant variety.

Discover Elements decors here.


The staff at the Homapal factory are also dedicated to traditional metal-finishing processes. “True masters of their craft” work in Homapal– talented and highly trained creatives with many years of experience working with metals.

With elaborate mechanical techniques and consummate attention to detail, they play with the creative properties and flexibility of these metals. Grinding, dabbing, colour intensification – the “artisans” give these metals structure, brush and polish them mechanically, and colour them by hand. This is where our “Gestures” first come to life.

Discover Gestures decors here.


Surfaces seemingly from another world. Imaginative, lively, exciting. Perspectives invites you to discover the diversity of the world, to observe and feel it from different, even alien perspectives.

Reflected light dances over these reliefs, which are themselves animated by nature. In Depths, nothing seems to stand still. The graphic patterns, on the other hand, radiate calm and balance. The contours become stronger or weaker depending on the incidence of light.

Discover Perspectives decors here.

Take a look at the new brochure here.

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