Plaat Detail – official representative of DuPont™ Corian® in the Baltic States


As of 1 April Plaat Detail is the official representative of DuPont Corian composite stone surfaces in the Baltic States.

Corian ® Solid Surface is an eco-friendly and durable artificial stone with an innovative design and a diverse colour palette that can be used to produce virtually anything –worktops, sinks, background walls, shower walls and more. 

To fasten the joints, adhesive is used in a colour that is identical to the product. This ensures that the joints remain both watertight and invisible. 

As Corian is a non-porous surface, dirt and stains do not penetrate the surface structure, making it hygienic and very easy to clean. Corian composite stone is therefore ideal for use in sanitary facilities.

We offer Corian® processing: cutting to size, bonding sinks (including producing sink openings) and bending.

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