Homapal SRM – new and innovative surface on metal and magnetic laminate


SRM stands for “Scratch Resistant Matt” and is an innovative scratch resistant matt surface with anti-fingerprint properties.

SRM demonstrates its hard-wearing quality on the heavily used surfaces. Besides that, the velvety soft feel is inviting, the anti-fingerprint properties make the surfaces low-maintenance and durable eye-catchers. A special technique creates an ultra-matt look and unique impression of depth.

With its properties, the SRM surface for the first time ever offers planners and architects the possibility of using genuine metal surfaces horizontally without any hesitation – in exhibition stand construction and shop fitting, for tables and work surfaces in offices, in the contract sector and also for counters and tables in bars, hotels and restaurants.

Homapal SRM laminate is available in combination with 5 magnetic and 22 metal decors. Discover different decor options here.

Watch and read more, how restaurant “Zur Alten Post” in Germany got a newly designed look with Homapal SRM 401/200 metal laminate, here.

Copyright: Homapal/Restaurant ‘Zur alten Post’

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