Dramatic results for Estonian refurbishment using VIVIX exterior cladding


Completed in August 2019, the large cultural centre in Tapa, Estonia was refurbished in Diamond Black VIVIX exterior façade panels.

The refurbishment of the centre had an exceptional outcome, turning a once drab concrete building housing an old cinema into a modern, eye-catching space.


Archidect Loona Lepp said, “The decision to use VIVIX was made due to the fact that the sheets of laminate were in Matte finish and were the exact shade of black we were looking for. All other producers didn’t have such a smooth surface and the shades of black were not dark enough to create the striking look we envisaged.

“Also the availability of proper materials, such as construction details for installment was of importance. Overall we are extremely satisfied with the end result we achieved using VIVIX.”

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