Plaat Detail completes new rostrum with VIVIX façade boards


At this year’s Song Celebrations the conductors will lead thousands of singers from a fancier rostrum than ever before. Plaat Detail contributed to the completion of this new rostrum.


Designed by Andres Truus, who lives in Australia, the rostrum was built by the AMV Metal factory in Kamara in Viljandi County. To implement the designer’s vision, Plaat Detail’s VIVIX façade laminate was used, giving the new rostrum a bright, minimalistic appearance.

Although the rostrum seems simple, it was built with the ability to raise it one metre higher as required.

The companies and individuals contributing to the construction of the rostrum were Plaat Detail OÜ (façade panels), AMV Metall OÜ (frame and installation), Alas Kuul AS (motor and components), Fraxinius OÜ (stairs, surfaces and wooden materials), Ilmar Riisalo (installation of motors), Janar Villback (installation of façade panels and wooden elements), Kominox OÜ (stainless steel handrails) and Plasmapro OÜ (sheet metal and plasma).

For more information about VIVIX façade panels, click here.

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