HOMAPAL A2 Solution – combination of creativity and security


Interior design products specifically created for fire resistance are available under the Homapal A2 Solution brand.

The Homapal A2 Solution offers opportunity to choose high quality interior design, while providing best possible fire retardancy.  It has fire classification A2-s1, d0.

Homapal A2 consists of a non-combustible composite board covered with a decorative 0,7mm thick high pressure laminate. The composite board is made of natural gypsum with the addition of cellulose fibers from recycled waste paper and cardboard.

The benefits of the material are low expansion and contraction behaviour, high fracture toughness and crack propagation resistance. It is biologically safe for building work and environmentally friendly.

Homapal A2 Solution is available in 24 unicolors and 12 wood patterns. Unicolors are available with matte (MAT) surface texture and wood décors with matte (MAT) or naturelle (NAT) surface.

Panels are available with different thicknesses.

Besides fire retardancy, the panel has also acoustical properties, wide range of decors offers design freedom and composite panel provides robustness.

The Homapal A2 Solution is excellently suited to use in areas subject to building regulations where non combustible composite materials are required.

Areas of use: public objects, evacuation routes etc.

Homapal A2 can be cut, drilled and edged. Processing doesn’t require special equipment or tools.

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