Formica’s new greens palette


Natural and earthy hues of green have been trending through commercial sectors since biophillic design and the ‘Outdoors in’ theme became one of the biggest interior concepts seen over the last decade.

These trends have proven to show how greenery positively links us to the outside world and helps to enhance wellbeing and productivity. Green tones and variations of green has become one of the most popular colour choices and palettes used across all sectors.

New greens are:

DEEP SEA – a teal colour bringing a touch of drama with its luxe and saturated tone.

FIR – a darker tone and slightly greyed, adding a modern twist.

ALGAE – a highly saturated vegetal green.

GREEN SLATE – a tranquil, dark sage colour bridging between grey and green.

MARBLE GREEN – inspired by jade coloured marble; it is an elegant and muted colour that looks great with a matt finish and pairs well with warm greys and smoky walnut colours.

LIQUID GLASS – a pale grey with only a hint of blue and is inspired by the real colour of frosted glass.

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