Fire retardancy

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All buildings must meet fire safety requirements and people working in the fields of construction, design or furniture industry face topics where it is necessary to be aware of fire retardancy of the material and fire sensitivity classification system.

Fire sensitivity is the feature of the material to ignite; emit heat; spread fire; emit smoke, toxic gases and flaming droplets when in contact with fire.

Fire sensitivity classification system:

A1, A2, B, C, D, E, F is the main classification (how the material behaves in contact with fire – ignites, emits heat, spreads fire)

s1, s2, s3 is additional classification based on smoke emition and

d0, d1, d2 is additional classification based on flaming droplets and/or particles.

The highest fire retardancy class of wood-based products is B-s1, d0:

B – a part of a building which is flammable, where the fire sensitivity is expressed as flammability, very slight emission of smoke and no formation of flaming droplets or particles;

s1 – formation of smoke is particularly low;

d0 – no flaming droplets or particles.

From our material range products with b-s1, d0 classification are: MDF; Alucoil, Garnica and Fipro products; Pfleiderer laminates, Homapal metal laminates and compact laminates (thickness from 8mm).

For the highest possible fire retardancy class A2 which is required for evacuation areas, we offer Homapal A2 solution containing composite board and specific decor range with MAT or NAT surface.

If you need materials or components with fire retardant properties, do not hesitate to contact us.

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