Tone-on-tone doors in disguise


Using tone-on-tone to create a seamless transition between a wall and door allows designers to cleverly hide rooms within buildings, for example a service area of a restaurant or a stock room in a retail environment.

The concept tone-on-tone is increasingly prominent across the commercial design landscape. This is to choose one hue for a space and base the scheme within graded tones of that colour, giving a simple and sophisticated overall look with as little contrast as possible. Using the tone-on-tone concept to achieve a positive consumer experience is the latest way in which the trend has adapted. 

Choosing the same colour laminate for your door and wall is a strategic decision to disguise doors in a space you don’t want them to be obviously noticed or to make a design feature of clean lines and spaces without gaps for doorframes. 

Nina Bailey, European Design Lead for Formica Group, says:

“You might be deliberately looking to create a minimalist design with clean lines. Or maybe you’re in a public setting, such as a restaurant, and you want to help ensure your customers aren’t mistakenly walking into back-of-house areas such as kitchens.»

Formica, Arpa, FENIX, Pfleiderer and Homapal high pressure laminates create endless solutions for creating disguised doors solutions.

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