Compact laminate — versatile, practical and beautiful


Compact laminate is high-quality material that is widely used in construction and furniture industry.

Compact HPL is created in the process where papers are impregnated with thermosetting resins and pressed together under simultaneous application of heat and high pressure. This method produces a homogenous, nonporous material with typically two decorative sides.

The most valued features are that compact laminate is self supporting, water and impact resistant and durable.
Thanks to the easy maintenance, hygiene and wear resistance, compact laminate is very suitable for public places (hospitals, schools, laboratories, sporting and water facilities, stores etc), offices, hospitality sector and residentials rooms.

Compact laminate is available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, surface finishes and thicknesses (4-20mm). Besides that, available are compact laminates with matching core colour.

CGS – Compact, General Purpose, Standard high pressure decorative laminate, Bs2-d0
CGF – Compact, General Purpose, Flame Retardant high pressure decorative laminate. From 6mm B-s1, d0

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