FIPRO non combustible mineral boards made of natural material


FIPRO® fire protection products meet the demanding requirements of official safety and fire protection regulations in every respect. They have successfully been tested by numerous national and international bodies. FIPRO® products are constantly being improved and reflect the latest advances in fire safety engineering.

FIPRO® is completely free of asbestos and other hazardous substances, and. FIPRO® panels are made of vermiculite, a natural material.

FIPRO® is used world-wide in public buildings, ships and on offshore platforms.

FIPRO® products are used as A, B, and C Class construction.

Areas of use: as the base material for bulkheads, ceilings, floors, fire doors, linings and also for furniture.

FIPRO® panels can be laminated and edged to achieve the design needed.  Fipro panels pose no health hazards during processing and are easy to work with.

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