Antimicrobical Pfleiderer Microplus laminate


Those who set the trends of tomorrow for interior design projects would do well to choose the antibacterial surface microPlus®. Fact: Bacteria are our constant companions, whether at home, in public places, health care facilities or hospitals. The triggers of allergies and infections are a constant and serious problem.

Even with repeated use, chemical detergents that contain aggressive substances have little effect – and also place a burden on us and on nature. It is a problem for which Pfleiderer has now developed a solution, wich has been confirmed by certificates from the independent test institutes SGS FRESENIUS and ISE GA.

To produce our product we deliberately opted for a biocidal active ingredient which is also used in shampoos, toothpastes and skin creams. The combination developed from this acts effectively against germs, but at the same time is safe for humans. So one thing you can be sure of: With the patented, anti-bacterial active surface microPlus®, hygiene standards are redefined.

Health and Care

Have you ever caught an illness in hospital? According to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Krankenhaushygiene e.V., Germany’s association for hygiene in hospitals, this is far from unusual: even though a patient’s original illness may be cured, many develop new infections by succumbing to one of the many bacteria that occur in a hospital.

Even medical disinfectants are only of limited benefit. This is a problem that arises wherever working activities are based around health and care: in doctors’ surgeries, nursing homes, or in medical research. This is where the antibacterial effect of the microPlus® surface sets future hygiene standards: especially in the periods between the cleaning intervals, it provides durable, permanent protection against germs and bacterias.

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