Doors as design feature


Breathe life into your next project through the clever use of internal doors in design.

Doors are essential to any space, whether you’re working on a big or small project the potential for doors to play a key role in shaping how your space feels is huge. Doors can often be overlooked as an opportunity to design something truly inspirational.

Laminates offer unlimited solutions for door design

Woods to remember

The cedars offer contrasting woodgrains, with each grain visible from relatively long distances.

Ash grains, meanwhile, are smaller in scale and more subtle. 

Formica Group’s European Design Lead, Nina Bailey says: “Oak has always been the most popular wood, but walnut is really surging across Europe. So the addition of soft-grain walnuts, which are modern looking, sit nicely with the more classic walnut styles.”

Nina also recommends that cool grey tone wood pattern are particularly on-trend for doors in office environments across the UK and northern parts of Europe.

Clear and successful wayfinding

The huge range of colours available in the Formica® Collection is also ideal for eye-catching wayfinding systems in hospitals, schools, train stations, or airports.

Finding a way through the use of coloured doors is always going to be incredibly effective.

Different colors may indicate certain rooms and functions.

Particularly in the context of a pandemic, the use of different doors has helped to prevent people from wandering down the corridors.

A wide range of colours and patterns help to create doors as a functional design element for wayfinding around the rooms.

Memorable solutions

The diversity of the laminate helps designers to play with possibilities and solutions. The flexibility and ease of processing of the laminate as a material does not limit the need to stick to the shape of a traditional door. Laminate details can be played with different shapes and sizes according to the needs of the project.

Wide range of Formica, Arpa, FENIX, Pfleiderer ja Homapal HPL creates endless solutions for designing doors.

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